Pu’er Pu-erh Handmade Floral Tea Pearl( Dragon Ball) assorted (6pcs)- Delicious Yunnan Pu-erh Tea

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We carefully produce our Dragon ball floral teas from top grade, hand-picked tea leaves from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, then pass each flavor through a custom production process to get desired delicious tastes. When you infuse in hot water, each dragon ball unfurls and produces a fragrant floral scent followed with rich, earthly tea leaf flavor. Each sip breeds a smooth, comforting taste. You can steep the Pu’erh Dragon balls multiple times without them becoming bitter and get a unique tea tasting experience each time. A must-have tea for every tea enthusiast. *The Pink Dragon Ball (Rose) boasts a superb rose mix that gives it a mildly bitter taste. *The Green Dragon Ball (Jasmine) offers a tasty light sweetness from the aged tree tea leaves that blend perfectly. *The White Dragon Ball (Chamomile) which is a mix of white Chrysanthemum flowers possesses a clean, bright, green-yellow color with a mellow, light, and sweet scent. *Our Yellow Dragon Ball (Osmanthus) includes a mix of golden-yellow colored Osmanthus flowers. *Orange Dragon Ball (Coreopsis) floral tea is blended with naturally dried Coreopsis flowers away from sunlight for unique flavor and the beautiful amber color. Exquisitely sweet initial taste with a lingering and mellow aftertaste. *The Sienna Dragon Ball (Orchid) offers a light, yet sweet sensation with a green forest overall feel. *Please note the colors listed are reference to the packaging. * A super-easy steeping process to enjoy just the perfect flavor mix; All instructions are included in the packaging. Order Yours Now and Start Experiencing What You’ve Been Missing!