Mixed Turkish Delight w/ Nuts and Coconut (Pistachio, Almond & Hazelnut),16 Oz

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Authentic Turkish Delight – Lokum
Well known brand name
Coconut Dusted


History of Turkish delight dates back to 500 years; making Turkish Delight one of the vital oldest sweets on the earth. Legend has it that in his endeavor to cope with all his wives, Sultan summoned all his confectionery experts and ordered them to produce a unique dessert to add to the collection of secret recipes for which he was once famous. Because of extensive research “Lokum” better referred to as “Turkish Delight” all over the world was once born. The sultan found it so tasty and stimulating that he and all successive Sultans at all times insisted on a plate of Turkish Delight with their daily feasts. The quality and taste of Turkish Delight became traditional and famous over hundreds of years and is now available for your enjoyment in its original recipe. These gummy, sugar brushed cubes will also be filled with anything from fruit flavoring to pistachios, and have been part of Turkish culture for centuries. Fashionable ladies gave Turkish Delight to friends in lace handkerchiefs, and Turkish families at all times serve lokum on holidays and birthdays. Since it remains fresh for one year, stored at room temperature, most households keep some on hand.It is said that Picasso used to eat Turkish Delight on daily basis for concentration on his work whilst Winston Churchill and Napoleon’s favorite was once pistachio filling. Which one is yours?
Authentic Turkish Delight – Lokum
Well known brand name
Coconut Dusted
OU Kosher product

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