Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake Price: $35.99 (as of 07/03/2022 11:39 PST- Details)


Bourbon has proudly been produced in Kentucky using charred oak barrels since the 18th century, and two hundred years of tradition are in every Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake.

A Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake starts off with a brown sugar cake that is blended with a chocolate cake that has been made with 3 kinds of aged Kentucky bourbon. It is topped with Walnuts and then baked, cooled and soaked in a secret process to bring out the essence of the cake and make it into a unique, moist, and decadently rich dessert.

It is finally topped with a chocolate and maple caramel drizzle before it is packed into a handmade wood barrel cake box.

Anyone of any age can eat a slice of Kentucky Woods Barrel Cake, too: even though each cake is made with bourbon, it cooks out during the baking leaving less than .5% alcohol as a result. The cake retains its rich bourbon taste through a unique recipe that preserves the essence of the bourbon flavor without any alcohol.

This cake weighs a full 50oz. (more than 3 pounds!) and measures appx. 10″ across. You should easily be able to get 12 slices per cake, and even more than that if you cut brownie-style square pieces.

Note: Adam Matthews is the only company who makes the Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel cake. They follow a family recipe and tradition known only to a few select people and master bakers.

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