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100% freeze-dried Fuji apple slices; light, crunchy with fresh apple taste
Each bag of Crispy Fruit contains a single ingredient, Fruit
Our sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh fruit, leaving behind the fruit’s true essence in a light and crispy texture

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Crispy Fruit snacks from Crispy Green are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices that are made of pure fruit and nothing else. The taste in Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself. Our line of all-natural snacks starts with top-quality fresh fruit, sourced from certified, carefully selected growers who undergo a stringent audit review process. All fruit is processed and freeze dried according to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Keep an eye on Point (HACCP) system, an international standard that identifies critical Keep an eye on points, sets safety procedures and preventive measures, and maintains strict documentation for certification. Crispy Green’s manufacturing facilities are kosher certified by Orthodox Union, and don’t process products containing peanuts or other tree nuts. Crispy Green products are packaged in top quality triple-layer poly-bags with an aluminum lining to offer protection to the finished products from moisture and light for a long shelf-life. There are no sweeteners or other additives used to fortify the taste or appearance of Crispy Fruit, and this can be a Non-GMO Project Verified snack. Crispy Green’s premium Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks are a very good choice for somebody who wants to live a more fit way of life without compromising on taste! The ultimate ‘grab-n-go’ snack, Crispy Fruit is convenient, healthy and delicious! Product of China.

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