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Here’s a collection of tasty and attractive dishes that can easily be prepared with little to no attention and are ready when you want to eat. Succulent meats, tender poultry and even vegetarian dishes, hot and full of simmered-in flavor, are waiting for you when you want them. This book is full of more than 120 no-nonsense, delicious recipes that are easy for anyone to use-just dump in the ingredients, dial the heat, and dinner will be ready when you get home from work. All the preparation can be done the night before, so putting dinner on in the morning a breeze. Recipes include everything — meat, chicken ,and meatless main dishes to side dishes, dips, drinks, and even desserts — with more than 50 photos of these easy, delicious meals. Slow cookers are an all around economical choice — from the price of appliance to the amount of time spent cooking and the ingredients you can use makes this subject appealing to a wide group of consumers. Slow cooking enhances the flavor and also tenderizes all varieties of meat, including the less expensive cuts, so it is an economical way to cook. Most recipes have cooking times of 8 to 10 hours, so they can be started at the beginning of the day and be ready for dinnertime. Slow cookers are not only for the work-a-day world; they’re also very convenient for entertaining and when stove/oven are being used for other food preparations. It is perfect for making crowd-size hot beverages, such as hot chocolate or mulled cider, and it keeps dips and side dishes hot for several hours, making it perfect for hassle-free entertaining and meal making. With Betty Crocker’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, putting dinner on the table has never been easier.

Very rarely does going slow save time, but that’s exactly what happens when slow cookers are involved. There’s nothing easier than prepping the night before and then turning on the cooker in the morning, so that when you return home from work, dinner is hot and waiting to be enjoyed. That’s why cooks in a hurry will welcome Betty Crocker’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, an updated guide to using this ultimate all-in-one-pot meal maker. The book opens with a quick refresher on how to best use a slow cooker and then offers tips on adapting other recipes to this alternative cooking method. The recipes provided include obvious candidates like long-simmered soups–a goulash or stew–and slow-roasted meats such as pot roast. These dishes are guaranteed to convert newcomers to the appliance, while the unexpected recipes will please more familiar hands. Amazingly enough, you can make ribs, casseroles, pot pies, fondues, and even cakes in a slow cooker–and Betty Crocker’s Slow Cooker Cookbook will tell you exactly how. –Sumi Hahn Almquist

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